Bedtime Wisdom
Bedtime Wisdom


If you tell bedtime stories to your children, I am sure you can admit that every once in a while, you come up with some pretty good stuff. And that’s a very good thing. The time before bed is essential for bonding and a healthy relationship with your child. Your presence comforts them, and this is a good time to help them ease their mind from the commotion of the day. It also gives you a quiet time to help them understand this complicated landscape we call “life.” When you come up with something inspirational at this very special daily moment, it is powerful.

The bedtime ritual for my two children is wash up, pyjamas, prayers and bedtime stories – in that order. Occasionally I will sing to them too. Yesterday they were feeling like a full bedtime concert was in order. After the fifth (or was it fifteenth) song, my son asked to hear “the story of the song.” The song in question was a beautiful Ukrainian lyrical called “If I Had the Wings of an Eagle.” The lyrics I know are not a full story. They simply describe a scene about a girl who wishes she had wings so that she could fly to her lover in Ukraine, but she ends up crying in an orchard because she never reaches him. Knowing that this was completely uninspiring, I had to think fast and create an interesting (and morally appropriate) story. This is what came out. I was told that it is quite good for doing a story “on the fly.”

In short, the moral is-  “the wings that you wish for, you always had in the first place.”

I hope it puts your little ones out; mine asked for another one! (I told them I only lay one golden egg a night.)


Click Here for The Bedtime Story: The Girl Who Wanted Wings

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